ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

Salient Features

  • Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure
  • Overload tripping (optional) with inverse curve logic
  • Automatic transfer switch are provided with fire alarm / external fault trip feature
  • Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto/manual mode
  • Automatic transfer switch have high capacity to withstand short circuit
  • Optional RS485 communication and cloud


  • Monitor real-time system voltage and frequency
  • Monitor source healthiness and output for both Source
  • Wide range of motor operating voltage from 150VAC – 285V AC
  • Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities,and data centers.

Model Number Parameter
ATeS – 125 EB: V,Hz and DG: V,Hz, Rating:63-125A
ATeS – 250 EB: V,Hz and DG: V,Hz,Rating:160-250A
ATeS – 630 EB: V,Hz and DG: V,Hz,Rating:315-630A
ATeS-1600A EB: V,Hz and DG: V,Hz,Rating:800-1600A