Power Quality Analysers

There are a number of ways in which electrical power can be of poor quality. Improper wiring, incorrect grounding, and unbalanced loads are just a few examples of conditions that can produce electrical noise through an electrical system which compromise on power quality.

There is no such thing as perfect power quality in the real world. Service interruptions, equipment malfunction, and excess power consumption are all common symptoms of poor power quality.

The reliability and cost of any electrical system depends greatly on the quality of the power supplied to and consumed by the system. Poor power quality may result in improper functioning, overheating, accelerated wear and tear, falsely tripped circuit breakers and, in some cases, hazardous conditions.

With the introduction of new technologies in electronics day by day, the world has placed new and more complex demands for clean and reliable power.

Measuring Power Quality typically involves calculating indicators of power demand, power consumption and power cleanliness.

By measuring demand and consumption, consumers can identify cost centres in their electrical infrastructures as well as engineer the electrical infrastructure required to meet those demands.

By measuring cleanliness, consumers are able to avoid improper function, overheating and a plethora of other consequences of unclean power. Power cleanliness refers to identifying and freeing power of "harmonics". The concept of harmonics is a bit more difficult to understand than demand and consumption.

Harmonics are a result of non-linear loads that cause irregular spikes and dips in voltage and current on an electrical system.

The power provided by utility companies is delivered in the form of a constant voltage AC (Alternating Current) and takes the shape of a sine wave. As per Ohms law, the amount of current used by an electrical device depends on the load (inductance) of that device. If the load varies over time, so will the current. Harmonics appear when varying loads (non-linear) create short pulses of current that deform the supplied, sinusoidal current waveform, creating an arbitrary waveform.

A power quality analyser is used to measure electric power signals to determine the load's ability to function properly with that electric power. Without the correct electric power, electrical equipment may fail prematurely or malfunction.

We offer the Best, Most Reliable and Economical range of Power Quality Analysers from EL-CONTROL, Italy the NanoVIP Series.

  • NanoVIP ONE

  • NanoVIP TWO

  • NanoVIP CUBE


  • Portable power quality analyzer
  • NanoVIP® ONE™ is a modern power quality analyzer equipped with all the functions necessary for measuring and monitoring both electricity consumption and the main power quality parameters.
  • It can be used on single-phase and three-phase balanced networks in low and medium voltage as well as on DC systems.
  • Particularly compact in size, it uses commercial AA batteries (rechargeable or not), has a considerable internal storage capacity (4Gb) and a graphic display.
  • An affordable analyzer but suitable for professional use.


  • 128x128 graphic LCD that allows a wide display flexibility(multilingual menu, waveforms, histograms, diagrams, images,etc.)
  • Dedicated NanoStudio PC software through which it is possible to perform advanced analyzes of stored data
  • 1 voltage measurement channel(1 phase + neutral) up to 600V CAT III, with the possibility of measuring also the DC voltage, with an accuracy of +-0.5% + FS error
  • 1 current input with the possibility of measuring also the DC current,with the accuracy of +-0.5% + Fs err
  • Capability to use flexible clamps of 3000/6000A or other sensors with full scale set by the user/li>
  • can be used with AA commercial batteries(rechargeable or not) or with external power supply(optional) for prolonged campaigns.
  • 10 alarms (generic, swells, dips and interruptions)
  • 4gb internal memory for measurements savings
  • Multifunction Keyboard
  • USB output for download/upload measurements, setup and remote control
  • Buzzer for errors and alarms
  • Harmonic analysis up to the 25th degree
  • Oscillo function for continuous capture of a channel(rms voltage or current)
  • Start/Stop counters function for quick operation.


Portable power quality analyzer NanoVIP® TWO™ is a modern, compact and powerful portable Power Quality analyzer for professional use in the most complex electrical networks. It can be used on single-phase, two-phase, three-phase balanced networks, low and medium voltage. A long lasting battery (over 24h with one charge) and the huge logging capability of data (over 1 year) are distinguishing characteristics that make it an absolute reliable and professional tool.


  • Light, handy, multilingual, with performance and features at the top of its class
  • LCD graphic display that allows wide flexibility in the (multilingual menu, waveforms, histograms, personalized pages, drawings, diagrams, pictures, etc.)
  • PC Software NonoStudio dedicated through which you can make advanced analysis of the data stored on uSD
  • 1 voltage measuring channel (1 phase + neutral) up to 600V CAT III, with the possibility to also measure the DC voltage, with the precision of the 0,25% + err.FS
  • 1 current input with the possibility to also measure the DC current, with the precision of the 0,25% + err.FS
  • Automatic verification of the correctness of the device connected to the network
  • Possibility to use flexible current probe up to 3000A or other captors with full scale set by the user
  • High capacity batteries that allow a range of campaign more than 24 hours even in the absence of mains power; no country limit when connected to the network
  • Calculation engine Powerful allowing besides the measuring of all standard electrical parameters (V I P Q A F PF THD% etc.) True RMS (TRMS): harmonics up to the 50th, dips, swells, micro interruptions and many other
  • 20 alarms (generic, swells, dips and interruptions)
  • Energy Measurement in 4 time zones (rates) set


Portable analyzers of power quality NANOVIP® CUBE™ is a modern, powerful, S-Class portable network analyzer developed for professional analysis of consumption and power quality of the most complex electrical networks.

It can be used on single-phase, two-phase, three-phase (balanced and unbalanced) networks, low and medium voltage.

The advanced features and analysis software supplied makes it a suitable tool to the most demanding professional needs.


  • Can work on networks: single-phase, two-phase, three-phase balanced with or without neutral, three-phase unbalanced with or without neutral
  • Full traditional energy analysis (V, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, THD%, instantaneous values / minimum / maximum / average, energy meters absorbed and generated both three-phase for each phase).
  • Analysis of power quality parameters
  • The current and voltage harmonics for each phase and for the neutral up to 50°
  • Imbalance of power phases
  • Network outages, surges, sags
  • Conformance testing to EN 50160
  • Real measurement of the neutral current
  • Display of the waveforms of currents and voltages
  • 4 tariff bands setting with the related costs display
  • Configuration and display of alarms on sizes 20 and settable
  • Display of the time course of selectable parameters (trend)
  • Automatic check of the correct connection of the implant tool
  • Realization of long-term measurement campaigns (over 24 independently, unlimited if connected to the network)
  • Multilanguage
  • Customizable display, choosing which values display in rotation in the lower part and rotating it 90 ° in relation to the comfort of reading